Cyber Safety

Cyber Safety




At Rangeview Intermediate internet access is available to the students through the computer rooms, the library, school laptops, iPads and iPods and students can be granted access to our wireless network on their own devices. Use of the internet by the students and staff is intended to facilitate learning and teaching by providing access to resources and people throughout the world.  Student searches can be tracked and inappropriate sites minimised by security and filters provided by N4L (Network for Learning). 


To the parent/caregiver/legal guardian, please:


1)    Read this page carefully to check you understand your responsibilities under this agreement

2)   Keep the copy of this document that has been provided for future reference


I understand that Rangeview Intermediate School will:

 –     Do its best to enhance learning through the safe use of ICT. This includes working to restrict access to inappropriate, illegal or harmful material on the Internet or school ICT equipment/devices at school, or at school related activities

–     Work progressively with children and their families to encourage and develop an understanding of the importance of cybersafety through education designed to complement and support the user agreement initiative. This includes providing children with strategies to keep themselves safe in cyberspace

–     Keep a copy of this signed user agreement on file

–     Respond to any breaches in an appropriate manner

–     Welcome enquiries from parents or students about cybersafety issues.


My responsibilities include:


–     I will read this cybersafety user agreement document

–     I will discuss the information with my child and explain why it is important

–     I will support the school’s cybersafety programme by encouraging my child to follow the cybersafety rules, and to lways ask the teacher if they are unsure about any use of ICT

–     I will contact the principal or school cybersafety manager to discuss any questions I might have about cybersafety and/or this user agreement and I am welcome to do this at any time.


Additional information can be found on the NetSafe website  www.netsafe.org.nz/ua


Please note: This agreement for your child will remain in force as long as he/she is enrolled at this school. If it becomes

necessary to add/amend any information or rule, parents will be advised in writing.