Health & PE

Health & PE

Health and Physical Education at Rangeview Intermediate


Our students have Health lessons once a week for the whole year. Although this is a separate subject from Physical Education in our timetable they are very much related and we attempt to make connections between the two during lessons. Your child is learning about a number of topics based around developing positive wellbeing. We encourage resilience by strengthening their personal identity and sense of self-worth. Students develop problem-solving strategies to aide in positive decision making during their formative years and beyond. We initiate discussion about positive body image, self-awareness, peer pressure and bullying, which help develop empathy and enhance relationships. Students also have the opportunity to learn about the effects of social media on their wellbeing and how to navigate using social media in today’s world.

Physical Education

Our timetable allows for each class to have Physical Education twice a week for the whole year. In the NZ Curriculum, movement concepts and motor skills (the physical skills needed for any given sport) is only one part of a broad spectrum of learning objectives. There is also a strong focus on relationships with others and physical health and development. This means that we are trying to develop not only your childs physical skills and abilities but also their interpersonal skills, effective communication in a range of situations, their understandings around the importance of a healthy lifestyle which includes being physically active. The curriculum is such that our students should leave school with a range of skills and attributes they can transfer into many aspects of their daily lives. Where previously only the star athletes may have achieved highly in Physical Education it is possible that all students have the opportunity achieve if they can demonstrate an understanding of all the strands of the Health and Physical Education curriculum.