ERO Report

ERO Report

Rangeview Intermediate Te Ara Huarau | School Profile Report April 2023


This Profile Report was written within 24 months of the Education Review Office and Rangeview Intermediate working in Te Ara Huarau, an improvement evaluation approach used in most English Medium State and State Integrated Schools. For more information about Te Ara Huarau see ERO’s website. www.ero.govt.nz 


Rangeview Intermediate in Te Atatu South, West Auckland provides education for students in Years 7 and 8. The school’s vision is ‘creating excellent futures together’. 

Rangeview Intermediate’s strategic priorities for improving outcomes for learners are: 

  • Promoting positive ākonga/learner agency and self-management. 
  • Strengthening future focused kaiako/teacher capability. 
  • Fostering student wellbeing. 
  • Fostering staff wellbeing. 

You can find a copy of the school’s strategic and annual plan on Rangeview Intermediate’s website. 

ERO and the school are working together to evaluate how effective teaching practices are used to improve outcomes for all ākonga. 

The rationale for selecting this evaluation is to: 

  • clarify expectations of teaching and learning for ākonga and kaiako to improve wellbeing, engagement and outcomes for all 
  • increase attendance and engagement to improve outcomes for all ākonga 
  • collaborate with Māori whānau and Pacific aiga to establish shared aspirations for their tamariki. 

The school expects to see: 

  • school leaders develop planned actions to promote excellent and equitable outcomes for all 
  • school systems enable kaiako and ākonga to experience clarity and consistency related to teaching, learning and assessment practices 
  • deliberate use of culturally responsive processes and practices contribute to improved ākonga progress and achievement 
  • kaiako, ākonga and whānau relationships strengthened to support and enhance ākonga language, culture and identity and contribute to improved valued outcomes. 

The school can draw from the following strengths to support its goal to evaluate effective teaching practice: 

  • school leaders recognise the need to prioritise the improvement of outcomes for ākonga, with a lens on equity and excellence 
  • collaborative data analysis and sense making practices are beginning to support decision making focused on improving outcomes for ākonga 
  • ongoing professional learning for kaiako aligns with the strategic priorities and the evaluation focus 
  • kaiako share examples of good practice with colleagues 
  • build on collaboration with Kāhui Ako to raise achievement and improve culturally responsive kaiako practice. 
Where to next? 

Moving forward, the school will prioritise: 

  • establishing a collaborative team to lead and implement the evaluation process 
  • collecting community voice and experience to inform the evaluation. 

ERO’s role will be to support the school in its evaluation for improvement cycle to improve outcomes for all learners. ERO will support the school in reporting their progress to the community. The next public report on ERO’s website will be a Te Ara Huarau | School Evaluation Report and is due within three years. 

Shelley Booysen 
Director of Schools 

28 April 2023  

About the school 

The Education Counts website provides further information about the school’s student population, student engagement and student achievement. educationcounts.govt.nz/home