R.I.S.E – School Values

R.I.S.E – School Values

At Rangeview Intermediate, we run a Positive Behavior for Learning (PB4L) system. We prioritise creating a positive and respectful learning environment for all students. Our PB4L system is based on a values framework represented by the acronym RISE, which stands for Respect, Integrity, Service, and Environment. These values are the foundation of our school culture and guide our students towards becoming responsible and compassionate individuals.

In our PB4L system, students have the opportunity to earn RISE cards as recognition for demonstrating positive behavior aligned with our core values. When students collect 20 RISE cards, they are awarded a certificate that recognises their exceptional commitment to one of the RISE values. This certificate serves as a visible acknowledgement of their dedication and serves as a source of pride for the students.

Furthermore, our PB4L system encourages students to strive for excellence and personal growth. Once students have earned four certificates within a specific RISE category, they are awarded a special badge. This badge not only celebrates their consistent display of a particular value but also serves as a symbol of their progress and achievements.

The ultimate goal of our PB4L system is for students to collect all four badges, representing their proficiency in each RISE value. Upon achieving this milestone, students are presented with a prestigious shield, signifying their embodiment of the RISE values and their commitment to making a positive impact on our school community. We believe that this comprehensive recognition system motivates and empowers our students to embody our school’s values and encourages them to contribute positively to society both within and beyond our school wall