At Rangeview Intermediate, we offer art, dance and drama as part of the science, technology, mahi-a-toi and arts course. Our students are immersed in a diverse array of captivating and innovative learning experiences, all facilitated within purpose-built specialist rooms dedicated to practical arts, dance and drama.

Visual Arts

During the 2 years at Rangeview, students will be provided with opportunities to explore the elements and principles of the visual arts using a variety of techniques, tools, processes, materials and media.   They will be encouraged to develop their own ideas plus understand and appreciate various art forms in both past and present cultures.  Many opportunities are also offered to exhibit and extend students both within and outside the school environment.


Throughout the 2 years at Rangeview, students will explore many elements of dance and drama. They will learn different dances and acting skills along with the opportunity to create their own dances and drama scripts. Students are encouraged to be creative and work in groups to develop performance and movement skills along with building their confidence.