National Standards

National Standards

Our national curriclum sets the direction for teaching and learning in two document:

The New Zealand Curriculum for English-medium schools and Te Marautanga o Aotearoa,  the curriculum for Maori-medium schools and settings.

National Standards support national exectations of student progress and achievement across all areas of The New Zealand Curriculum.  They are descriptions of what students should know and be able to do in reading, writing and mathematics at different points of their schooling from years 1-8.  National Standards are a tool to help teachers and schools understand the expected levels of achievement at stage/year appropriate levels, know how to measure the achievement of each student in relation to the expectations, and to improve teaching and learning for better student learning and progress in all areas of the curriculum..

National Standards enable us to improve student achievement by providing sound information about how students are progressing in relation to these national expectations of achievement.

Early identification of students who are not making the expected progress will allow schook, teachers, and parents to make informed decisions about how to improve students’ achievements and to provide appropriate support.  Timely and targeted interventions will make the difference.  National Standards will also enable teachers to identify and prepare extension programmes for children who are achieving beyond their year group.