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What is D4L?  D4L stands for Device for Learning.  You may be more familiar with the term

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device).  This means that the device is owned by the student/family and goes home with them at the end of the day. This allows for anytime, anywhere learning.

Does my son/daughter have to have their own device?  No. The curriculum will be delivered
fully to all students, regardless of whether they have a device or not. Computers will still be available for
students to use in our two computer labs, some shared learning areas and in the library.  Students will 
also be able to use our POD of bookable iPads.

 As students will be saving their work to their OneDrive, the available storage can be used to run the full Microsoft Office Suite which students can access and download free of charge to their device.

Why can’t my son/daughter use a smartphone or an iPad as a device? 

While smartphones are wonderful for taking photos or video, communicating and many short internet searches, the size of the screen makes it unsuitable as a serious tool for learning, and the ability to complete lengthy documents is very limited.  iPads offer many of the same barriers.  With our focus on writing students find the lack of keyboard challenging, and access to the programmes we use is restricted.

Can my child use this device when they move to Secondary School? 

As technology changes rapidly, it is best to check with
your secondary school of choice.

What about software and apps?  

The school is using Office365, which includes email, documents, calendars, communications, as well as cloud-based storage for access anytime, anywhere. There are also many free apps and programmes that students will be able to use to support aspects of their learning

Can my child install personal software on the device?  

Yes. It is a student-owned device, but software used at school must be fit for purpose.  Please be mindful that these devices do have limited built in storage.

My child wants to use the device in class but the teacher says no.  Why is this?  

The use of a device in the classroom is with the permission of the teacher, and this will be given when using the device is appropriate and fits the learning intentions of the lesson. Sometimes it won’t be appropriate to use a device – eg during assessments, or practical work. At other times the teacher may want the device used in a specific way. In all situations, the teacher will decide on the use of the device.

Can my son/daughter get help from the teacher in learning how to use the device?  

Yes.  It is important that students are confident in using their device and the apps and programs to support their learning.

Will the device be needed every day?  

Yes.  Please ensure it is sent to school fully-charged and ready to use each day.  If a device is fully charged overnight, then it would be unlikely to need charging throughout the day. However, there are a small number of charging stations available.  Their device may be used in some classes every day/every period, and it may be used in some classes on a less frequent basis. Some subjects lend themselves to using a device better than others.

What will this mean in terms of screen time for my child?  

Though we are integrating the use of ICT into our learning more, this does not mean that your child will be fixed to a screen. Students will still work in small groups with their teacher, work in groups with their peers, use other ‘hands on’ learning and write in books. We do not want to substitute books for a computer, rather we want to leverage the benefits of devices using the SAMR model. Teachers will be alert to the need to ensure that long sustained periods of time in front of a screen do not occur.

What about on-line safety and cyberbullying?  

Rangeview Intermediate Students agree and sign a Cybersafety Use Agreement for students before they are permitted to go online at school, and will be required to sign an Acceptable Use Agreement for D4L if they bring a device to school next year. There are clear requirements and expectations laid out in each document, which is signed by student and parents/caregivers. Students are required to exercise personal responsibility in how they use their device, respect the privacy of all members of the school community and show respect for others and their property.

 How will the school ensure safety while on these devices?  

When students are connected to the school’s network via the D4L connection there is a filtering system in place. No filtering can ever be guaranteed to be 100%, so we will combine our filtering programme with teacher-led Digital Citizenship lessons, and students will continue to only be permitted to use their devices under teacher supervision.

 Will I need to have internet access at home?   

No, it is helpful if you do have access to the internet, as this enables your child to make full use of school resources from home via their Office365 account. If a student needs to make use of free Wi-Fi out in the community, please be aware that these connections may not provide the same filters we have on our school network.


Why is this programme only an option?  

We appreciate the cost of purchasing a device is a financial pressure on families.  For this reason,D4L is not compulsory and our school will maintain a healthy supply of up to date school owned devices. The school is also exploring options that might make it cheaper for families should they want to provide a device for their children. 


How do I insure the device?  

Please contact your insurance company to arrange policy cover for the device at school. Devices are to be placed in secure cabinets when students arrive at school. When not in use, and during breaks, devices will be kept in locked cabinets.


Have teachers been trained to work in a D4L environment? 

Our teachers have been upskilling themselves to work in a D4L environment over the last couple of years, and continue to do so. Different software and applications are investigated and used by staff in order to provide the most effective teaching and learning environment for our students. The high demand for access to digital devices has driven this initiative as an optional programme.

As a parent, am I required to add additional software to my child’s technology tool? 

Free anti-viral software is required for devices that are connected to the internet. If the student has a laptop, then they are able to download free, the Microsoft 365 Advantage software. They will need to be enrolled in the school and use their school email address to take advantage of this package. The software will also be available on up to 10 devices that they family may own.

Who will be responsible for troubleshooting and fixing students’ devices?  

We have a great eLearning team but they will not be required to provide technical assistance other than helping students connect to the wireless at school and general trouble-shooting support.

Will I still need to purchase stationery to use in class?   

Having a digital device does not make Rangeview Intermediate School a paperless school. Many aspects of learning are still done via pen and paper, experimentation or through the manipulation of things in traditional ways. When the best way to engage students in their learning is via technology, then this will be the preferred method of delivery. Textbooks may still be used in some subjects, where others will make use of the online texts now available. The school provides a printing account for students to be able to print their work, which the school will load with $5 at the start of the year. As teachers increase their use of digital work, many of the tools used can be shared online and reduce the necessity to print out tasks to be handed in.

So what happens if we don’t opt in?  I’m concerned about the equity of students that have devices vs. those that don’t.  

For every student that joins the D4L programme by bringing a device to school, there is one less student using the school owned devices, and less turn-taking for all.  This means the D4L programme is to the benefit of every student in the school, both those joining it and those not.  

Students who bring their own device will be able to keep their own work to continue at home if they wish.  For those who don’t have their own device, they will still be able to access their Office365 account and locate home learning or shared material. 


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