R.I.S.E System (PB4L)

Weekly RISE Draws:

These are for each year level and are drawn in Formal Assemblies. Tickets are collected from each class Period 5 on Tuesdays.




What is PB4L?

¡Positive Behaviour for Learning was ultimately designed to address inappropriate behaviour in children and young people. Led by the Ministry of Education, it is a joint initiative between a number of education sector organisations and is delivered by the Ministry in partnership with non-governmental organisations, early childhood sector organisations, and Resource Teachers: Learning and Behaviour (RT:LB).
¡The programme is actually a collection of programmes for schools, teachers and parents; all are aimed to promote positive behaviour. The rationale behind PB4L is that by improving students’ behaviour and their home and school environments, their engagement and achievement will consequently improve. It hinges on the premise that positive behaviour can be learned and difficult and disruptive behaviour can be unlearned.
¡The School-Wide framework, based on the Positive Behavioural Interventions and Support (PBIS) framework in the United States. Students are taught in very specific terms what behaviours are expected of them and there is a consistent response to these behaviours across the school. It involves a behavioural stocktake of all the incidents, reports, detentions, suspensions, and stand-downs, allowing the school to track its progress over time. According to the Ministry, 628 schools will have access to PB4L School-Wide by 2016. The Ministry provides $10,000 per school per year for the first three years of implementation.
The principals behind PB4L
¡Positive Behaviour for Learning believes:
¡positive behaviour can be learnt and difficult and disruptive behaviour can be unlearnt
¡individual children are not a ‘problem’ – we need to change the environment around them to support positive behaviour
¡punishing and isolating children doesn’t bring about long-term and sustainable changes in behaviour
¡we need to concentrate on a small number of evidence-based programmes and frameworks that we know work
¡there are no quick fixes. Behaviour change takes time.
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