Our Mathematics programme represents authentic learning, drawing on best practices and highlights problem solving as the focus of Mathematical learning. Maths Problem Solving is considered central to all mathematical study.


There are currently 5 teachers in our Mathematics department.

We have 3 strands:

Number and Algebra

Geometry and Measurement


Teachers make an overall judgement about the child’s progress in Mathematics. They use a variety of information sources. These include their day- to- day teaching, examples of student’s work produced and a range of formal and informal tests.





NZ Maths – Families page



Some ideas for Maths at home:


· Revise basic facts and timestables on a regular basis.


· Playing board games- Monopoly, Snakes and Ladders, Bingo…..


· Discussing budgeting and managing family expenses.


· Encouraging your child to play online Maths games.

 The following websites can be used for games and activities that your child can work through:  



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