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 Whanau Community Picnic   

 Unfortunately, due to predicted rain tomorrow evening, we have decided to postpone our whanau picnic until Thursday 2nd March.

 Everything about the evening will go ahead as planned, on the 2nd March.  We do apologise for any inconvenience.

 We sincerely hope that you will be able to join us and would appreciate some indication of numbers by asking you to complete the slip on the hard copy your child will bring home and return it to your child’s Homerooms teacher by Tuesday 28th February




Dropping Off and Collecting Students at the School Gate.


Please be aware at this time of year drop off and pick up zones at all of our school gates are extremely busy. We would ask that you remain calm and are tolerant of any delays or traffic jams you may experience. It can be a very frustrating time, please remember to model patient and responsible behaviour at all times. 


This is an interesting piece on the future of education-what matters and why? This fairly short reading is a summary of a longer OECD report.



 Y7 BYOD 1:1 D4L Class in 2017


eLearning at Rangeview Presented by Glenda Koefoed (Principal)

Future Focused Education Presented by Ellie Mackwood (Director of eLearning)

Collaborative learning with devices Presented by Ashleigh Stewart and 7AS Students

eLearning in Literacy Presented by Amanda Bennett and 8GD Students

eLearning in Inquiry LearningPresented by Tracy Annabell and 8TA Students

‘Wicked Learning’ in Digital TechnologyPrepared by Ellie Mackwood and 8EB Students (not shared on
the evening due to time constraints)

HP Stream Device Presented by Caroline Dewstow-Blanch from Noel Leemings

HP Stream Device Bundle Information from Noel Leemings. 

Please note there is a 2GB and 4GB package available.

Keeping our students safe online Presented by Lee Chisholm from Netsafe



Important Dates and Times

Start of Day            8:40am

Morning Tea           10:45 - 11:05am

Lunch Time            12:35 - 1:30pm

End of Day              3:10pm

Term 1 

Thursday 2nd February - Friday 13th April

Term 2 

Monday 1nd May - Friday 7th July

Term 3 

Monday 25th July - Friday 29rd September

Term 4 

Monday 16th October - end of year To Be Confirmed 



The Rangeview Intermediate School Board of Trustees regrets that this charter bus service will not be available in 2017.

The route 441 West Harbour and Swanson Party Bus will not operate after December 2016 as rising costs and decreased patronage meant the service was not financially viable.

The Board of Trustees hopes tht families who have used this bus in the past will have suffiecient time to make other travel arrangements for 2017.

Please see the attached document for more information on the alternatives available. 


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