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This is an interesting piece on the future of education-what matters and why? This fairly short reading is a summary of a longer OECD report.

 Mufti Day 20th December 2016

Dear Parents/Caregivers


The school is holding a mufti day on Tuesday 20th December, the last day of term, this will be on optional gold coin donation for The Salvation Army.  Any mufti money is to be given to their classroom teacher.


Please be aware of the mufti dress standards below.   Parents/Caregivers may be called to collect students who come to school inappropriately dressed.




We expect that students will dress appropriately for school and that they use the following guidelines.


  • All clothing should be appropriate. T-Shirts should contain pictures and slogans that will not offend others. Full length tops should be worn that cover midriffs.
  • Normal expectations for jewellery apply.
  • Long hair to be tied back for health & safety reasons
  • Full PE uniform to be at school to change into for physical activities, mufti cannot be worn for PE.
  • A reminder that make-up is not appropriate.

Please note that school finishes at 12pm.


Yours sincerely




Mrs G. Koefoed


Are you interested in enrolling your child in a Y7 BYOD 1:1 D4L Class next year?

Our eLearning community evening was a huge success, and we would like to thank all of the parents
and students who came along to hear about how we use digital devices to support and enhance our
learning at Rangeview Intermediate School.  

If you were unable to attend the evening, you are able to access the presentations that were shared
below.  You can also view our Frequently Asked Questions here.  Expressions of interest in this class can be directed to the school Office at  Additionally questions can be emailed to Ellie Mackwood (Director of eLearning) at


eLearning at Rangeview Presented by Glenda Koefoed (Principal)

Future Focused Education Presented by Ellie Mackwood (Director of eLearning)

Collaborative learning with devices Presented by Ashleigh Stewart and 7AS Students

eLearning in Literacy Presented by Amanda Bennett and 8GD Students

eLearning in Inquiry LearningPresented by Tracy Annabell and 8TA Students

‘Wicked Learning’ in Digital TechnologyPrepared by Ellie Mackwood and 8EB Students (not shared on
the evening due to time constraints)

HP Stream Device Presented by Caroline Dewstow-Blanch from Noel Leemings

HP Stream Device Bundle Information from Noel Leemings. 

Please note there is a 2GB and 4GB package available.

Keeping our students safe online Presented by Lee Chisholm from Netsafe



Important Dates
                        15th December   Prizegiving

                        16th December   Certificate Assembly

Week 11            20th December  End of 2016 school year 12pm


2nd February 2017       Start of School year



The Rangeview Intermediate School Board of Trustees regrets that this charter bus service will not be available in 2017.

The route 441 West Harbour and Swanson Party Bus will not operate after December 2016 as rising costs and decreased patronage meant the service was not financially viable.

The Board of Trustees hopes tht families who have used this bus in the past will have suffiecient time to make other travel arrangements for 2017.

Please see the attached document for more information on the alternatives available. 


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Please be advised of the following road works on Divich Avenue, starting Monday 26 September 2016.
There are two date ranges for these road works, (the first two weeks will be during the school holidays).
 Students who catch this school bus will not be able to use the bus stops on Tirimoana Road and Divich
Avenue as outlined below.

Service Disruption:  ROAD CLOSURE  Road Name:  Divich Avenue

Date Range 1
Start Date:  Monday 26 September 2016

End Date:  Friday 21 October 2016

Date Range 2
Start Date:  Monday 14 November 2016

End Date:  Friday 18 November 2016




School Term Dates:

Term 1             4th February 2016 - 15th April 2016

Term 2             2nd May 2016 - 8th July 2016

Term 3             25th July 2016 - 23rd September 2016

Term 4             10th October 2016 - 20th December 2016


Uniform can be purchased from:

  Lenco Uniform Shop, 80 Railside Ave. Ph: 838 6164









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