STArt (Science, Technology and the Arts)




How STArt works

We do things a bit differently here at Rangeview Intermediate School. To provide a more connected learning experience for our students.  We have integrated Science, Technology and The Arts. To incorporate these three curriculum areas, 4 x 10 week rotations operate throughout the year.  Within each rotation, students attend 3 x 70 minute lessons each week.

The aim of this system is to improve integration and coherence between these closely related curriculum areas.  We believe it also helps students recognise that their knowledge and skills are transferable from one rotation, and discipline, to the next.  



Science is a way of investigating, understanding and explaining the natural, physical world. In order to develop scientific knowledge, understanding and explanation, students generate and test ideas, make observations, carry out investigations and construct models.

Our learning activities provide our students with opportunities to strengthen their skills and knowledge around the 5 capabilities of science: -

  • Gather and interpret data
    • Students make careful observations and differentiate between observation and inference.
  • Use evidence
    • Students support their ideas with evidence and look for evidence supporting others’ explanations.
  • Critique evidence
    • Not all questions can be answered by science.
  • Interpret presentations
    • Scientists represent their ideas in a variety of ways, including models, graphs, charts, diagrams and written texts.
  • Engage with science
    • This capability requires students to use the other capabilities to engage in science in “real life” contexts.


Ask any student about Intermediate school life and they will all talk enthusiastically about Technology being a real highlight of their two years. Technology is a creative, purposeful learning experience aimed at meeting needs and offering opportunities through the development of products, systems or environments. Knowledge, skills and resources are combined to help solve practical problems.

Rangeview Intermediate offers four Technology subjects to our students:

  • Materials Technology
  • Food Technology
  • Design Technology
  • Computer Science

The Technology curriculum is structured around three interrelated strands: Technological Practice, Technological Knowledge and the nature of Technology. Students develop a broad understanding of technology by learning across all three strands. Learning focuses on one or more strands within a programme in a way that is mutually enhancing and integrative.

Our highly practical technology programme provides the opportunity for students to learn authentic skills and enhance creative and critical thinking. Both Year 7 and Year 8 students work to solve real life problems by following technological processes.



The Arts

The Arts at Rangeview Intermediate consists of explicit teaching in two disciplines - Music and Visual Arts. Dance and Drama are incorporated into the Health & P.E and Literacy/Social Science Departments. Arts education is essential to the development of communication skills and expression as it stimulates imagination, thinking and understanding. As expressions of culture, The Arts pass on and renew our heritage and traditions and help to shape our sense of identity. They are an essential element of daily living and lifelong learning and a valuable part of the school culture at Rangeview Intermediate.

There are four strands, which define the key areas of learning in each discipline. An activity or learning experience may originate from one of the strands and will often integrate learning from any or all of the other strands. As students develop practical knowledge in an arts’ discipline, they may also consider how meaning is interpreted in the discipline, develop ideas and learn about the discipline in relation to its social and cultural contexts.

Students are also provided with the opportunity to participate in a variety of challenges within both the school, inter-school and even nationally, e.g. JRock, School production, Art competitions and musical performances.

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