About Us

Situated in Te Atatu South, Rangeview Intermediate School was opened in 1968 to cater for Year 7 and Year 8  pupils.

Rangeview Intermediate, since its founding, has been known for its emphasis on achievement and high standards of academic and sporting excellence, and a beautiful garden environment.  Pupils attending the school come from all over West Auckland.  




Interesting Facts:

Opened in 1968

Originally known as Te Atatu South Intermediate but was changed after confusion when Te Atatu (North) Intermediate opened.

Girls and boys used to be separated in the playground (1970's)

Number of Principals: 4

Located on the site of a former orchard

School Logo

Designed in 1978

Sun - represents the dawn (Te Atatu means the dawn in Maori)

Wavy Lines - represents the whau river, creeks and harbours surrounding the area

Triangles - represent the local waitakere ranges

Book - refers to the bible (the book of truth) / learning on which the original Principal founded the school

Motto -  Wisdom (to make good decisions) with Truth (honesty)

Rangeview Intermediate School
P O Box 83-161, Edmonton
Keru Place, Te Atatu South
Ph: 09 838 9468
Fax: 09 836 2437
[email protected]